The Day after Christmas

It is the day after Christmas and I am as full as can be after two Christmas meals with both halves of my family.  Even with all the food, and attempting to stop eating when I was full, it is hard to stop yourself from continuing to eat all the amazing food prepared by the amazing people in my life who can prepare quality food.


One thing that we did do that was beneficial to the lifestyle change of shedding my fat is sticking with my current workout program, StrongLifts, on the scheduled days.  The scheduled day is Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and of course in 2013 Christmas Day fell on a Wednesday, so with our 24/7 Anytime Fitness gym membership, and the fact that Anytime Fitness is open 365 days of the year, we decided we should do some good for our health and hit the gym, even on Christmas Day.

I am proud that we actually hit the gym even on a day off, and it felt good to hit the gym before doing anything else with my day, especially knowing that there would be great food where I was going. It was worth the effort.

So a belated Merry Christmas to you all, and I trust that you enjoyed time celebrating Christmas with family and friends.

Motivational Partner

I’m seeking a motivational partner for my StrongLifts journey. While I have attempted to stick with following the StrongLifts programs three times a week, I haven’t always been successful with anything longer than about two weeks at a time.

I definitely need a mindset change to continue sticking with the program consistently. While my wife wants to join me regularly, the fact that she is a shift worker makes it fairly difficult to go to the gym consistently with her by my side as a training partner.

Alternatively I approached some of the guys at work who have been considering joining the gym for some fitness for themselves, and he initially showed interest, he has been lacking in commitment for me to consider him a worthy motivational partner. The last two weeks he has chosen not to attend the gym with me at lunch time due to work pressures.

One reason behind going to the gym at lunch time with the guys at work is the fact that we can all progress together and push each other and motivate each other to continue progressing.  One reason behind doing it at lunch time is with the flexible work hours, we can choose to take a longer lunch break, and as a result while my work day may grow in length, it is broken up into two halves so that it feels more like two mornings rather than one long day.

Since the guys at work won’t commit to joining me three days a week at lunch, while I prefer splitting my day in two with a lunch time gym session, I prefer getting it out-of-the-way first thing in the morning, especially since the gym is far quieter in the morning than any other time of the day.

So I am looking for a gym partner, online or in person, who is following the StrongLifts program and willing to commit to the three weekly sessions for motivation and encouragement.  Are you the person who will be my motivational partner?

Foam Rolling

It has been a few weeks since I last wrote an exercise or head space kind of post here on the blog, apart from my workout logs, so I should contribute something of that nature given this is meant to be a primarily weight loss blog.

I recently invested in a foam roller to help with muscle relaxation following a workout and to ease the DOMS pain as well, especially since that was my main reason behind purchasing a foam roller. While I haven’t really been having any form of DOMS pain, I probably should be using the roller on a regular basis, I just haven’t done so at all.

The biggest problem I am having is that since foam rolling is such a new experience to me, I am always unsure whether I am doing it right or not.  The pain can be unbearable as well and that is another reason that makes me insecure about whether I am doing it right, however maybe the pain means I am actually doing it right since it is meant to assist with breaking down the fibrous tissue that builds up within muscles over time.

As I try to stick with being regular regarding following the StrongLifts workouts, I should follow each workout with some foam rolling to improve flexibility and muscle recovery.  Just another aspect of shedding my fat.

Financial Planning

This week has been some sort of shemozzle. It has been a fairly busy week at work trying to get things done while having negative thoughts swirling around in my head about what I should be doing with my life and my future.

My wife and I spoke with a mortgage broker over the weekend regarding a possible refinancing, and the idea of an investment property arose as a result of discussions. As a result my wife has been looking up ideas for investment properties, however I’m still in two minds what to do and whether we should look at it as an investment opportunity or whether we ignore it for now.

I would love to get ahead in life somewhat, but at the same time I don’t want to risk too much just to start getting ahead in life.  I understand the tax benefits of doing so, but should I do it?  That is the question.

I think as a result, and the fact that we haven’t done so ever, we should consider seeing a personal financial planner to work out what we should do.

Have you seen a financial planner?  Was their advice sound?  Did you follow it?

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

I have been writing this post out in my head over and over for the last few days.  I have still been up in the air as to whether I should publish this post and whether it will be detrimental to my future employment opportunities, as well as dangerous for my current position.

I have been in full-time employment for almost 6 and a half months and I have decided that I have spent enough time trading my time in return for cash from an employer.  But not only that, I have spent enough time trading time for money as a Civil Engineer specialising in stormwater management.

While my first full-time job was more focused on wastewater management with some stormwater and flooding thrown in, my current position is more heavily focused on stormwater management, not only for single houses here in Sydney, but also for residential subdivisions and larger industrial and warehouse style developments.

I opted to attend an interview with one of my current employers competitor to see what is out there in world, with the idea that there was the potential to be involved in stormwater, but also to start stepping away from a primarily stormwater management position and involve other aspects of Civil Engineering into the position.

I turned that position down when they were highly interested in my experience and skills when I discovered that it was more focused on flooding and stormwater quality management and that is not the direction that I wish to take my career down.  I want to branch away from water management aspects of Civil Engineering.

However in the last few weeks the management at my current employer have decided they wish to compete with some of the larger Civil Engineering consultants in Sydney and branch into aspects that I am trying to escape. I have started to express my lack of enjoyment in stormwater to management.  I suspect they are hoping that the feeling will go away, however it does for a week or so, and then the feeling comes flooding right back, at the most inopportune time.

I am starting to feel as though I have gone too far down the rabbit hole to back out without taking a significant pay cut. I do feel I am now between a rock and a hard place without a win-win exit strategy.

I need to work out where my future is and what it involves, at least from an employment stand-point.

I would love to hear your thoughts about what you would do if you were in my position, or even if you have been in a similar position what you did.