About Me

Hi, my name is Andrew and I am recovering from being a fat person. I have tried following fad diets, ridiculous exercise programs as well as infomercials and their fad exercise devices.  I am now learning to enjoy lifting weights in conjunction with eating a balanced diet as I learn to shed my fat and find a new me.

I can’t claim to be an expert, there are many other experts out there on the interwebs. What I can claim is that this is my journey and I am sharing it with you as an act of motivation for me, as well as inspiring others who want to shed some of their excess fat.

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Something More Personal

I live in Sydney with my gorgeous wife and our little fish tank. During the day I am a Civil Engineer and the best description I can give is “I make water run downhill”.

Ideally this is the place where I would include a list of eleven random facts about me, but I still need to sit down and write my list.

Last updated: 17 March 2014