Goodbye Facebook

I have finally decided to say “goodbye Facebook” and eliminate Facebook from my life.

You may think that this is a drasatic measure given that all my friends have added me on Facebook over the many years that I have had an account. However I have decided to say goodbye to Facebook and eliminate all the drama that I feel it causes in my life.

I had not decided to permanently delete my Facebook account until yesterday, I had “frozen” my account for the last few weeks by changing my password to be completely random, and then logging out so that I could not access my account. Since I decided to “freeze” my account, I definitely have not regretted the decision to do so.

While Facebook prefers that you only deactivate your account, I found the link to delete a Facebook account permanently.

I’m sure that I will be receiving any number of emails over the next 14 days trying to convince me to come back to Facebook. I will definitely be ignoring those emails.

I have had a number of Facebook accounts over the years. I first signed up in 2007, a late starter when it comes to new web technology. I have witnessed changes to the Facebook layout and security settings, many of which I have definitely not been a huge fan of.

I have deleted my other accounts in the past and kept this one until now.

One thing I have really noticed about Facebook, is that while everyone tried to friend you, they really aren’t your friends at the end of the day as they are more just adding you to their friend list rather than trying to be actual friends. As much as I post a new Facebook update, very few, if any, of my friends comment on it. So why should I bother sharing my thoughts with my “friends” if they aren’t going to interact with it.

Even just knowing that I have said “goodbye Facebook” I feel more liberated and free to be the “real” me.

Wanaka 2014

I know it has been a while since I last wrote about our holiday to Wanaka in January this year. I feel it is too far out to now write about it, however I want to show off the rest of my photos from the trip.

My Motivation, where is it?

The motivation in terms of shedding my fat has dwindled of late, as evidenced by my workout log. As much as I wanted to be a fit and healthy person by the time we travel to Fiji, given that is only a few short weeks away, I certainly don’t think my desire will be achieved.

The next plan of attack suggests that I need to reset my goals and work on building some new habits when it comes to not only eating, but also attending the gym and working on progressively improving the major lifts, Back Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift.

My biggest letdown when it comes to losing weight is the food that passes my lips. While I don’t think that I eat too much, for some reason, even when I feel as though I am eating less food, that the weight still doesn’t go away.


The other area I need to resolve is motivation when it comes to exercise.  My motivation to stick with a program often dwindles about two months into the program.  My last attempt at Stronglifts last about 10 weeks, with the last two being very sporadic after a mild back twinge that needed/needs rest, and is still sore occasionally (primarily in the morning when waking up). So I need to get back on the motivation wagon, and make it last a lot longer to allow changes to occur over a longer term rather than a rather short one.

I need to go back, write down some S.M.A.R.T. goals, and not only share them with myself, but also here on my blog, and posting them around the house so that I see them on a very regular basis and they stick inside my mind and become part of my subconscious.